Giving to SRP

General Giving

General donations will go toward meeting costs. Any residual funds will go towards the SRP endowment ensuring the financial health of the society for years to come.

Renaissance Level: SRP recognizes those whose annual giving to the society is $100-$999 in the annual meeting brochure and on the website.

Leadership Level: SRP recognizes those whose annual giving to the society is $1,000-$9,999. This level of donation comes with free registration and membership during the calendar year of the donation, and acknowledgement at the business meeting, in the program and on our website.

President’s Level: SRP recognizes those whose annual giving to the Society is $10,000 and above. This level of donation comes with a lifetime of free meetings and membership to the donor, an invitation to the President’s annual dinner (Saturday evening of the Convention during the calendar year of the donation) and acknowledgement in the program, at the business meeting, and on our website.


Specific Giving

Specific donations, of any amount, can be directed towards funding the following awards:

President’s Award: The SRP President’s Award was created to encourage and facilitate the participation of young scholars from diverse backgrounds and groups that are traditionally underrepresented in the society to join the organization and to participate in and present at SRP’s annual convention. 

Joseph Zubin Award: The Society for Research in Psychopathology instituted an award given each fall to one deserving individual for lifetime contributions to the understanding of psychopathology. The first award was given in 1987 to Dr. Joseph Zubin. In 1990, the organization’s annual award was officially named the Joseph Zubin Award. 

Early Career Award: The Early Career Award was created to recognize exceptional young scholars in the field of psychopathology, who have shown considerable promise and productivity in the formative years of their career. 

Smadar Levin Award and Student Travel Awards: The Smadar Levin Award was created to honor the memory of Smadar Levin, who left a lasting mark on psychopathology research before her untimely death. The award is given at the Annual Meeting each year to the graduate student(s) or other predoctoral individual(s) who makes the most outstanding poster presentation. Up to five other trainees who deliver strong poster presentations receive SRP Travel Awards. 

John Neale Mentorship Award: The John Neale Mentorship Award was created to recognize an exceptional scholar in the field of psychopathology who has demonstrated dedication to mentoring students, post-docs, and faculty in the field throughout his/her career. 

Naming gifts: Those who would like to name the Early Career, Travel or Presidents award can discuss naming opportunities with the current president or treasurer.


Honorary & Memorial Giving

Honorary and memorial funds enable colleagues, friends and family to give or establish a gift to celebrate the continuing or past legacy of an SRP member or an individual diagnosed with psychopathology, or who lost their life in their battle against their psychopathology. Contact the president or treasurer if you would like to set up such a fund.


Legacy Giving

Celebrate the success of our society and chart our future as the premier psychopathology conference. If you wish to ensure our conference will continue to live on and inspire future scientists, contact the president about legacy giving.

Bequests: A bequest (transfer of cash, securities or other property through a will or a living trust) to SRP is a flexible, tax-advantageous way to leave a legacy of support for clinical science. By naming SRP to receive a gift in your will, your estate will generate tax credits that may offset your tax bill.

Gifts of Life Insurance: When SRP is beneficiary of your life insurance policy, your estate is eligible for a charitable tax receipt. You may name SRP the owner and beneficiary of a policy and receive a tax receipt for the cash-surrender value of the policy, and a tax receipt for any additional premium payments made after the policy is assigned.

Gifts of Registered Assets: For many of us, retirement plans and University-sponsored pensions are their largest assets besides their homes. Withdrawals from these funds will be taxed. If you name the SRP as beneficiary of your funds, your estate will receive a tax credit for the entire amount of the gift.

Charitable Trusts: If you wish to give assets to SRP through your will, but would like to receive tax benefits, you might consider a charitable trust agreement. With funding from cash, securities, or real estate, you may create a charitable remainder trust with a trust company or individual named by you. The remainder interest of the fund is donated and held in trust for SRP. You retain the income interest for life.