Full Member

Full Membership and permission to present papers at meetings are limited to established psychopathologists. Full members shall be individuals who have made demonstrated contributions to research in psychopathology. Members shall ordinarily be holders of the doctoral degree although, in extraordinary circumstances, other individuals without this qualification may be admitted to membership from time to time. Applicants for membership shall produce such specific evidence of appropriate education and qualification as the Society shall require, and shall be engaged in teaching, and/or research in psychopathology.

It shall be a requirement of membership that the member’s scientific work reflect the standards of integrity that are expected of a scientist.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is available for

  1. Students in recognized academic graduate programs who are actively studying psychopathology; or
  2. Individuals with a Bachelor’s degree who are currently occupied in a paid or unpaid position focused on psychopathology research.

Associate members will receive all membership mailings and are encouraged to attend the annual meetings. Meeting presentations are limited to posters sponsored by a full member.

Undergraduate Membership is available for students in undergraduate programs.

Membership Fees

Full membership


Associate membership


Undergraduate membership


    How to Apply

    To apply for SRP Membership, please click the “Join Now” button above and create an account or login. You will then be directed to the Membership Application dashboard where you will be asked to select your Membership Type and upload the required information, including a CV. Once you finish your application, please click the appropriate “Submit” button.

    Membership applications can be submitted throughout the year. Applications are reviewed and approved on a monthly basis. Dues will be payable after the membership committee has reviewed (and approved) your application.

    Note: You should receive an email confirmation of your membership application submission. If you encounter any difficulties or do not receive a confirmation email shortly after submission (including checking your spam folder) please contact Amanda McCleery at