1) The board voted that both new and old officers would be asked to attend both the Thursday and Sunday board meetings during the SRP conference to facilitate the transition between old members and new members.

2) Update from Sheri Johnson on 2005 SRP meeting. The board voted that we should do a banquet again next year and suggested that we again try to have the food line in a separate room. The board discussed ways of making sure that the Smadar Levine winner and runners up would attend the banquet.

3) Treasurer’s Report. Michael Young reported that we currently have 155 active full members in the United States. Michael Young also went through the list of associate members who might be eligible for full membership, and it was agreed that he would suggest to any such individuals that they apply for full membership.

4) AV for conference. It was recommended that next year each symposium group be asked to have all of their talks on one computer by the beginning of the morning of their presentation day. There was a discussion of the fact that the website was currently cutting the number of author’s off at 5. Ann Kring agreed to explore and fix. There was a discussion of whether presenters next year should be asked to leave five minutes for questions after each talk. The board discussed and agreed to leave the guidelines as there were.

5) Website Committee. A MacDonald will be the first chair. LeeAnna Clark has agreed to serve as one of the members for one year, and Kenneth Subotnick will serve as a member for two years. The board suggested that the committee be asked to propose a budget and to identify a person to be the Webmaster. It was agreed that we would archive a PDF of the program, and to ask the website committee if there were a place on the website to do this. However, it was also agreed that we should find out if we can ask for members to update their abstracts after the meeting before archiving the program.

6) Federation. Michael green will contact Barbara to let her know we have decided to join. Eric Turkheimer will be the SRP representative.

7) There was discussion of whether we needed to change the By-laws to ask that both new and old members come to both the Thursday and Sunday board meeting. Michael Green will check and report back.

8) LeeAnna Clark agreed to find out if we have to register changes to the By-law in Ohio (where we incorporated).

9) There was a discussion of how to provide financial support to the local host for meeting preparation. It was agreed that a local host who did not have an assistant to help with preparations could ask for funds to support a student to help with preparation.

10) It was noted that there was an empty board position given that Deanna Barch was elected Secretary. Michael Green will identify and appoint a replacement.

11) There was discussion as to how to commemorate the 20th anniversary of SRP at the 2005 meeting. Michael Green suggested that we ask all past SRP presidents and Zubin Award Winner’s to attend, and the board concurred.