SRP 1998: Minutes of the General Membership Meeting

Meeting called to order at 5:45 PM by Phil Holzman

Phil Holzman thanked Jill Hooley for her work on local arrangements and Deborah Levy for chairing the program committee, as well as the members of the program committee (Asarnow, Bilder, Isaacks, Klein, Lewine, and Sweeney). He also thanks the members of the Smadar Levin Award Committee (Schooler as chair, Clark, Josiassen, and Monroe).

Mike O'Hara announced that the new president-elect is Elaine Walker, the new secretary is Mike Raulin, and that Barbara Cornblatt and Keith Neuchterlein were elected to the board.

It was announced that the meeting next year will be in Montreal the weekend of November 4, 1999 to November 7, 1999. Suzanne King is in charge of local arrangements. In the year 2000, the meeting will be in Bolder, Colorado with Dave Miklowitz handling local arrangements. In 2001, the meeting will be in Madison, Wisconsin with Richie Davidson handling local arrangements.

Secretary's Reports: Mike Raulin
Mike reported on the two motions pass at Thursday evening's board meeting (on the number of allowed presentations and waiver of registration fee for invited non-member speakers). He also reported on plans for a web site for the organization and a centralized email distribution list to make timely and cost-effective communication with members easier.

Treasurer's Report: Ray Knight
Ray reported that last year's conference was more expensive that anticipated, but that the financial situation for the organization is still strong. He noted the decision of the board to try to set registration fees for the conference so that the conference pays for itself and does not drain the general treasury. Currently, there is $14,046.59 in the treasury, but approximately $20,000 of that amount will be paid out in the next week to cover this year's conference costs. He also noted that the attendance at this year's conference should break our previous attendance record.

Membership Committee: Barbara Cornblatt
Barbara reported that 14 full members and 13 associate members were accepted at the Thursday evening board meeting, bring our membership for the first time to over 200. Phil Holzman raised the issue of how the larger size of the organization may impact on how we run the meeting. He noted that this issue is scheduled for discussion by the board at the Sunday meeting.

Nina Schooler raised the issue of getting support from drug companies to help offset meeting costs. She noted that many drug companies have virtually unrestricted funds from Medical Liaison programs. This matter will be taken up be the executive board on Sunday.

Local Arrangements: Jill Hooley
Jill reported in jest that she was a bit nervous about this meeting since it was the 13th annual meeting and today was Friday the 13th. She also noted that the old attendance records should be broken at this meeting. Well over 200 people are attending and the banquet has 115 people attending. She acknowledged the help of 14 graduate students handling registration and other tasks at the conference.

New Business:

Mike O'Hara asked Mike Green and Barbara Cornblatt to report on the APS meeting they attended on behalf of SPR. They reported that 150 people attended representing 90 organizations. Both felt that the meeting was not very well organized and that it was not clear what the purpose of the meeting was. They believe that APS is now looking beyond the current Human Capital Initiative to try to continue to push the psychological agenda with congress. Barbara questioned whether psychopathologists are well represented in APS, although it was noted that Bob Leventhal is on the APS board and that Dick McFall and Tom Oltmanns are on the program committee for this years convention.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:25PM

Respectfully submitted,
Michael Raulin


The Zubin awardee for 1998 is Brendan Maher

The Smadar Levin awardee is Abigail A. Baird (Harvard University).

The Smadar Levin awardee runners-up are:
M. A. Ellenbogen (Concordia University)
B. Hankin (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Lauren Korfine (Harvard University)
K. L. Minor (Northwestern University)

The following are officers of the Society for 1998-99

President: Michael O'Hara

President-Elect: Elaine Walker*

Past-President: Philip Holzman

Secretary: Mike Raulin* (through 2001)

Treasurer: Raymond Knight (through 1999)

Past-Past-President: Richard Davision

Executive Board:

Lee Anna Clark (through 2000)

Barbara Cornblatt (through 2001)*

Howard Berenbaum (through 2000)

Keith Nuechterlein (through 2000)*

Michael Dawson (through 1999)

Elaine Walker (through 2001)

Jill Hooley (through 1999)

Greg Miller (through 2001)

*Indicates results of election conducted in the summer of 1998.

Note: Membership Chair is Barbara Cornblatt. Newsletter Editor is Michael Young and his Associate Editor is Michael Pogue-Geile. Past-past-president is the Chair of the Nominations Committee.