Minutes of the meeting of the Executive Board, October 23, 1997, Palm Springs, California

Present: Mike O'Hara, Mike Dawson, Mike Green, Mike Young, Lee Anna Clark, Ray Knight, Connie Hammen, Barbara Cornblatt (membership chair), Howard Berenbaum, Jill Hooley, Richard Davidson, Greg Miller

Absent: Phil Holzman, Mark Lenzenweger, and Elaine Walker.

Meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m.

President’s Report

Richard Davidson: Thanks to Mike Green (local arrangements) and Greg Miller (program chair) for their work in organizing the meeting. Thanks also to David Miklowitz and Mark Lenzenweger, departing Board members, and welcome to Greg Miller and Elaine Walker who are new Board members. Finally, thanks to Jill Hooley and David Miklowitz for their work in editing the Newsletter.

Treasurer’s Report

Ray Knight: We are likely to have about a $1,000 to $2,000 increase in the Treasury over the last year. Generally speaking, the Society is in good financial health.

Financial issues concluded:

1) Should we pay first class airfare for Zubin Award winners? No

2) Should we pay honorarium to member who give invited addresses? Yes $500

Secretary's Report

Mike O'Hara: By-laws were approved by membership vote last Fall and they are published with the membership directory this year. Next year the membership directory will include Associate Members (AM) and Regular Members (RM).

Membership Report

Barbara Cornblatt: There were 38 inquiries for membership.

7: no follow-up

16: full membership (accepted)

15: associate membership (accepted)

Full Membership: Peter Arnett, Martin Anthony, Anne Hoff, Joanna Katsanis, Rafael Klorman, Thomas Kwapil, Peter Lang, Craig Neumann, Karen Rudolph, Kurt Salizinger, Timothy Strauman, Kenneth Subotnik, Andrew Tomarken, Drew Westen, Lyman Wynne, Eva Gilboa-Schechtman

Associate Membership: Susan Borgaro, Steven Candela, Jordan Hiller, Christine Hooker, Julie Kabat, Kimmy Kee, Deborah Licht, Patricia Meaden, Kelly Minor, Michael Obuchowski, Patrick Skosnik, Patsy White, Adele Forth, Patricia Deldin, Sharon Lambert

Program Chair Report

Greg Miller: (see attached report)


1) Can non-members present at meeting?

Yes, if invited by symposium organizer or Program Chair

What do we do about increasing volume if program submissions?
Add a poster session.

3) Program chair should be given wide latitude to shape the program being guided by the following principles:

a. Opportunities for presentations and symposia should be spread around over time.
b. Most research presentation should be done in context of poster sessions. (For example, doing 3 poster sessions would offer opportunities for more presentations overall with fewer being offered in each one.)
c. There should be some balance in topics addressed at each meeting.

Future Meetings

Richard Davidson: 1998 Boston/Cambridge (Jill Hooley). Deborah Levy will be program chair. There are problems in finding a venue that is centrally located with good facilities and reasonable sleeping and meeting room rates. Jill will continue to investigate, however, we may have to offer a range of hotels so that members and guests can stay in less expensive hotels if necessary.

1999 Madison (Richard Davidson) 10/21 - 10/24

2000 Boulder/Breckenridge/Vail (Dave Miklowitz)

2001 open (ask for Volunteers)

Newsletter Report

Michael Young: He plans next newsletter by December. Announced that Michael Pogue-Geile has agreed to be associate editor.

New Business

Richard Davidson: APS has organized a summit of Psychology Scientific Societies. It will be in Santa Barbara, California, May 1-3, 1998. We have been invited to send two representatives to this summit. After some discussion, Michael Green and Barbara Cornblatt were asked to represent the Society at this meeting and that the Society would pay their reasonable expenses for this meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael W. O’Hara