1. Login at http://srpprod.wpenginepowered.com/admin
2. Click on Pages on the left-hand site
3. Go to the page you want to post to the homepage.
4. Copy the link at the top next to "Permalink"
5. Click on Pages on the left hand side
6. Click on "Home (Regular)"
7. Write text someplace reasonable on the homepage concerning the link
(e.g., Call for abstracts have now been posted, you can find the call
8. Highlight the word or words you want to link
9. Click the little chain figure at the top of the editor
10. Paste the link you copied from "Permalink"
11. Click "Preview Changes" to view your changes and make sure
everything looks good
12. Once happy click "Update"

Note: The homepage is the most visible portion of the website, so any changes you make to it need to be considered carefully.