The next annual meeting of the Society for Research in Psychopathology will be held in Baltimore, MD at the Hyatt Regency Baltimore Inner Harbor from Thursday, September 29, 2016 through Sunday, October 2, 2015.  We look forward to receiving submissions for presentations on a wide range of topics relevant to psychopathology. Submissions may include symposia, panel discussions, individual talks, or posters reporting on completed studies or works in progress. Submit your abstract via the online submission portal! The online submission portal will be open from March 25, 2016 through April 30, 2016; the submission link will be published prior to March 25th


Online Submission Portal:


The deadline for receipt of abstracts will be April 30, 2016.


Notification of decisions regarding abstracts can be expected no later than July 1st, 2016.



Presentation Formats

Several formats are available for submissions. These include posters, symposia, panel discussions, and paper sessions. Submissions must come from full members of SRP or be sponsored by a full member of the Society. Full members may sponsor submissions of students or nonmember colleagues even if they are not a co-author on the submission. However, only SRP full members are eligible to make oral presentations.


The Program Committee will select oral presentations based on the quality and the balance of content in the overall conference program. Parallel sessions will be offered for greater opportunity and diversity in content. Priority will be given to submitters who are current on their dues and may be given to members who have not presented recently. Submissions not accepted for oral presentation will be considered for presentation as individual posters at the author’s request. The first author is expected to give the oral presentation or be available at the poster.


Symposia/panel discussions. Symposia/panel discussions must be proposed by a chairperson who is an SRP full member. They are typically 90 minutes in length and include presentations from several speakers on a related topic. These talks are generally followed by integrative comments from the chairperson or discussant, with time for audience discussion at the end. Symposia participants may be non-member faculty, but not students. In planning symposia, it is important to allow sufficient time for audience questions and discussion.  The Program Committee also welcomes submissions of proposals using other formats, such as multiple brief presentations that allow extra time for discussion between presenters and audience members.


Papers. Submissions accepted for oral presentations will be organized by the Program Committee into sessions that generally include three to five papers (10-12 minutes per paper and several minutes for questions) and time for discussion.  Only SRP full members are eligible to make paper presentations.


Posters. A poster submitted by a non-member or an associate member must be sponsored by a full member. Please specify which full member is sponsoring the submission.  Submissions for poster-only may include presentations of works in progress (e.g., studies for which data collection is well under way, but for which full results are not yet available). Students submitting posters may request that up to 3 SRP members attend their poster and discuss their work with them. These requests will be forwarded to the SRP members indicated and honored when possible.


The Smadar Levin Award was created to honor the memory of Smadar Levin, who left a lasting mark on psychopathology research before her untimely death. The award is given for the most outstanding submission from a graduate student. To be eligible, students must have completed research in psychopathology and be sponsored by a full member. In addition, potential candidates must currently be enrolled in graduate school or must have received a doctoral degree less than one year before the conference.


Students should indicate that they intend to submit their poster for consideration for the Smadar Levin award at the time of abstract submission. This is accomplished by checking the correct box during the web-based submission process. Students whose abstracts are selected for further consideration will be contacted for additional details.


SRP also offers three President’s Awards to qualified applicants. These awards are intended to encourage and facilitate the participation of young scholars from diverse backgrounds and from groups traditionally underrepresented in the society. More information about these awards will be sent out in a separate email but applicants must submit a poster abstract for the meeting by the general submission deadline (April 30).


Number of Submissions per Member. There is no limit to the number of submissions on which a full member may be an author. However, anyone (i.e., full member, associate member or non-member sponsored by a full member) submitting an abstract may be first author on only one presentation (poster or oral presentation).


Responsibilities of Sponsoring Members. Members who submit and those who sponsor abstracts make a commitment to attend the meeting if the presentation is accepted. The sponsoring member accepts responsibility to ensure that all authors endorse the submission and are aware of its contents.


Submission Withdrawals. If it is necessary to withdraw a submission, please notify the Program Chair as soon as possible.


Submission Format. Submissions will be accepted by web from March 1, 2016 through April 15, 2016. Those who are unable to access the web can contact the Program Chair for alternative submission instructions. Detailed instructions will be available on the SRP web page:


In general, each individual abstract should not exceed 200 words. For symposia/panel discussions, the chairperson should include an abstract for the symposium/panel discussion as a whole (200 words) as well as individual abstracts for each presentation (each 200 words). The overall abstract should include an overview of the content, as well as information about how discussion will be incorporated into the presentation. For symposia/panel discussions/paper submissions, an LCD projector will be made available. Abstract submissions will be listed and archived online.


Program Committee

Please contact the program committee for more information:

Emily Durbin, Program Chair